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Interview with Bogdan Minoiu, Founder of An Innovative Opportunity in Romania’s Marketplaces

INterviu Bogdan Minoiu

Reporter: Georgiana, June, 17th, 2023

The Romanian e-commerce market has been complemented by a fresh and innovative presence in the home, deco, design, and DIY field – This platform offers you the opportunity to promote your products in exchange for a unique commission charged on each sale. Today, we had the chance to speak with the founder of the platform, Bogdan Minoiu, to learn more about this exciting initiative.

Bogdan Minoiu, a Romanian entrepreneur with experience in digitalizing commercial document flows, the developer of, presented his attractive proposal for suppliers from various industries such as retail, DIY, FMCG, automotive, and logistics. Bogdan Minoiu has already managed to assist over 1300 suppliers from Romania and abroad in digitalizing and automating their supply and distribution chain activities.

Reporter: What inspired you to launch the platform, and what were the main objectives you had in mind during its development?

Bogdan Minoiu: The importance of an accessible and user-friendly experience for both users and suppliers was a key aspect in the launch of the platform. We wanted to provide an innovative marketplace through which visitors could have access to an extensive range of products, while suppliers could benefit from a quick solution for product integration and listing, as well as the rapid activation of commercial document flows with ERP and WMS systems. We focused on developing an intuitive and efficient platform that would facilitate both user experience and the business process for suppliers. By implementing an advanced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution through, is committed to minimizing integration efforts for suppliers, allowing them to focus on key aspects such as marketing, customer support, and sales.

Reporter: How do you differentiate yourself from other e-commerce platforms, and what are the main advantages you offer to suppliers?

Bogdan Minoiu: focuses on building an accessible and user-friendly platform. Suppliers benefit from a quick solution for product integration and listing, as well as the rapid activation of commercial document flows with ERP and WMS systems through the advanced EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution implemented via This allows suppliers to take advantage of extensive marketing opportunities, customer support, and sales, while users have access to an expanded range of products in an intuitive experience.

Additionally, our platform offers suppliers several competitive benefits, such as commissions of up to 7%, which is one of the most competitive rates in the industry. Suppliers also gain access to a growing audience by listing their products on, increasing the visibility of their brand. Moreover, we provide extensive promotional support and integrated digital tools for easy document management.

Reporter: What are the prospects for the development of the platform, and what are your expectations regarding the community of suppliers?

Bogdan Minoiu: is not just an ordinary marketplace but a platform dedicated to enhancing the buying experience for home and decoration products. With a dedicated team and an investment of approximately 100,000 EUR, we are determined to offer suppliers the opportunity to expand their businesses and benefit from the advantages of an innovative platform.

By joining the community, suppliers can become part of a dynamic and growing community of home and decoration product suppliers. We aim to continue developing our platform, adding new features, and expanding collaborations with suppliers to provide the best experience for both them and users.

Reporter: Thank you, Bogdan, for this informative interview. You are an example of innovative entrepreneurship, and we are excited to see how the platform contributes to the development of e-commerce in Romania. is indeed a promising platform in Romania’s e-commerce market. With the advanced solutions it offers to suppliers and the pleasant and efficient experience for users, it stands out as an attractive choice for those interested in home and decoration products. If you are a supplier or a user looking for an innovative platform, may be the answer you need to transform your business into a success.