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BOGO offers

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These kinds of sales campaigns are a great method to increase brand recognition. How so?

Customers frequently keep one product for themselves and gift the second one to a friend or family member. This will support the word-of-mouth marketing of your company. Win!

Once more, conventional BOGO promotions can be adjusted to meet various business requirements. By giving customers a free month of service in exchange for paying for the first month of service themselves, software companies, for instance, can enhance client retention. Be innovative with your proposals.

Take note of the fact that Subway held this promotion on “World Sandwich Day,” which is a real thing. Regardless of the strange holiday sales, you’ll undoubtedly increase sales if you can plan your promotions to coincide with a well-known occasion like Black Friday, Christmas, the Super Bowl, etc.

  • Customers who purchase one item will receive a second item for exactly $0.01 under “Buy One, Get One Free” offerings, also known as BOGO bargains.

Tripwires, usually referred to as upsell specials, are less common than the other sales promotion strategies. However, they can work wonders for sales and revenue for the proper organization.

The upsell special operates as follows: businesses offer prospects entry-level products. The sales team of the company contacts the consumer and persuades them to upgrade to a more expensive choice when the customer accepts the offer and starts to trust the business.

When developing your own upsell offers, keep these items in mind.


  • Saving money is important, but customers care about more than just that.

Sales advertisements that offer to donate a portion of the proceeds to charitable causes are successful because modern consumers want to feel like they are making a difference, too.

This type of promotion also has another advantage in that it will improve the standing of your company in the marketplace. You won’t only be the supplier of XYZ. You’ll be the business that offers XYZ while also contributing to significant international causes.

Consider specifying the portion of sales you’ll donate to your preferred charity in order to launch a similarly effective campaign for your business.

  • Transparency is always valued by consumers.

-Free goods, often known as freebies

This consumer sales campaign is straightforward: clients receive free goods or services in exchange for the purchase of additional, usually more expensive goods or services.

Without having to cut your costs, this promotion is a fantastic method to encourage customers to buy your products. In essence, it enables you to operate marketing campaigns without harming your brand.

While I won’t pretend to understand what “brightening hyaluronic serum” is, the fact that it’s free suggests that it must be fantastic. Make certain that your target audience wants the freebies before developing this kind of marketing.

  • Free Transfers and Shipping

An offer for free shipping may help you increase sales if you manage an online store. After all, nobody wants to spend money on shipping. In fact, according to data, 48% of American adults who are adults abandon their shopping carts because to shipping and associated costs.

On the other hand, software companies have a distinct issue. They are not required to ship goods. Instead, companies need to persuade users to switch from another platform to theirs. Because it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, some purchasers never do it.

You might be able to persuade more customers to buy your products and increase your revenue by providing a temporary free shipping or free transfer offer.

By providing free WordPress and cPanel website transfers to all new clients, HostGator entices potential customers to use its web hosting service in this sales campaign example. Not even a unique code needs to be entered. When they make a purchase, they immediately get the benefit.

  • Product packages

Why pay $30 for three separate things when you can get them all for $25? That is the reasoning behind the sales campaign for goods bundles, and it is very effective.

When buyers want to try a variety of products to see one they like most, this promotion is excellent to employ. Therefore, products for food, clothing, beauty, and video games all meet the criteria. However, it can also be effective when aiming to gain customers from a rival.

  • Challenges and Contests

We’ll finish with challenges and competitions, possibly the most entertaining sales marketing around.

These are frequently seen on social media. A business may reward its followers with discounts, freebies, or other items in exchange for their participation. Perhaps fans will need to upload videos of themselves utilizing the brand’s products. Or get as many of their friends as they can to sign up for the business’ email list, maybe something quite different.

This sales promotion is an excellent approach to draw in a specific demographic and gain a ton of free publicity. Really, this promotion doesn’t have many drawbacks.

Are you a Pepsi fan? Have you always wanted to go to New York City? Then, as I’m sure many other people will, you’ll adore this sales promotion. Fans of Pepsi may participate in a sizable raffle by scanning the QR code in the advertisement. The award? Attending a Yankees game or a concert at Madison Square Garden are both fantastic New York experiences.

Now, there is no requirement for participants in this campaign to make a purchase. Therefore, be sure to include that as a requirement for your promotion if you want to increase sales.