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How to Evaluate the Success of Your Email Marketing Programs

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You have no shortage of suggestions at this point about how to enhance your email marketing program. As you’ve probably noticed, being able to effectively measure what works and what doesn’t is crucial to figuring out when to send business emails. What good is changing the send times for your email newsletters if you aren’t monitoring your success and deriving actionable insights? Right?

Right. For this reason, we’ve created a useful list that will enable you to collect data and enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns.


  • Email Interaction

You should already be combining your email outreach with the rest of your sales activities, including emails, social media postings, referral programs, digital marketing, and more, if you’re clever (and we know you are).

By using a multi-channel calling sequence, you may achieve the big-picture strategy that boosts engagement and increases revenue overall. Such a sequence not only explains what to do and when to do it, but it also enables you to follow the results of all your efforts in one location.

That implies that in addition to containerizing your email engagement measurement, you should also measure it in reference to how your calls and earlier emails affected it. End-user analytics that inform you how to improve emails and other types of marketing will become increasingly relevant as time goes on.


  • Rate of Unsubscribe

This is an important metric since it lets you know whether there are any days or times when individuals aren’t interested in participating, which can be causing them to unsubscribe.

Consider the case when your unsubscribe rate is.4% and you consistently send emails in the middle of the week. In other words, you lose.4% of your list for each email you send. That percentage rate is healthy and falls well within the accepted range.

In an experiment, let’s say you start sending emails on Friday, and all of a sudden your unsubscribe rate soars to 1.2%. What is this saying to you? that by Friday, they would have had enough.

Like other metrics, this one is also quite actionable. Test again tomorrow!


  • Rate of Clicks to Open

Since you’re keeping track of unsubscribes, you should also keep tabs on how many recipients view your emails and how many of them click on your CTA.

They might arrive at a landing page via your CTA and get a free guide there. Or it can send them to a product page where they can learn more about your most recent brewing apparatus or state-of-the-art gardening shears.

These measurements offer crucial data. How many people were drawn in by your email’s subject line and preview text is indicated by its open rate. The click-to-open rate indicates how many recipients of your email were inspired enough to click on your CTA out of those who actually opened it. Track who did, in fact, make a purchase in response, of course.


  • Subject lines for email

Subject lines are very important. They are the biggest indicator of whether someone will open your email or simply delete it, as we’ve already mentioned. This holds true whether a person has an empty inbox and maintains it that way systematically, or whether they have a trashed inbox and simply scan it for “the good stuff.”

People have far too many options in today’s hectic and connected society. They are constantly seeking for methods to simplify and lessen clutter. You can probably anticipate who won’t be on the Reduce Clutter and Simplify List if your subject lines are dreary. You, that’s right!

Clean those topic lines up immediately. You can get inspiration right here if you need it. Then, begin A/B testing. Keep in mind that the only variable you should alter during these tests is the subject line.

Track the effectiveness of each topic line as you try them, then start competing the most effective ones. The stakes are far higher than defeating Dwayne in Accounting, and it’s similar to a March Madness tournament, but for email marketing.


  • Audience division

Not least, you should divide your audience into several groups. There are numerous methods for doing this, such as:

  • Their residence
  • What their age is
  • Which of your offerings do they prefer?
  • How much feedback you’ve previously received from them

In what sector they work, whether they are gatekeepers or decision-makers, etc. You can send emails efficiently if you correctly segment them. Nobody is wasting their time, and you aren’t running the danger of losing subscribers. Additionally, you have a considerably better probability of relieving them of a problem.

You can hone in on the specifics of each audience segment as you learn more about the ideal send times. As a result, the more specific the data is, and the better you can market to them.


  • Utilize Resources to Improve Your Sales Emails

You have probably noticed that there is a lot of arithmetic involved throughout this article.

You must monitor the response rate for various weekdays and hours, benchmarks for opens and clicks, as well as sales and unsubscribes. That much knowledge, let alone the volume of data that a typical sales department typically processes each week, is beyond the capacity of the human mind.

For this reason, it’s crucial to make use of clever techniques and technology to enhance the effectiveness of email marketing generally. You need a mechanism to balance everything, whether you’re managing sales scripts and email templates, constructing an automation sequence with a set number of emails, or analyzing success rates.

The Close, please, our CRM assists in managing and automating the sales email process in addition to determining the ideal times to send emails. Because of this, so many companies entrust us with their call-making, email-sending, and sales rep training needs.

Want to know more about how Close can assist you in creating email campaigns that perform better? Activate your free 14-day trial today. You may also view a 10-minute trial or check out our free resources, like our comprehensive CRM buyer’s guide.