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Take Care Not to Lose Sales Baton !

Take Care Not to Lose Sales Baton !

One of the best auto racers, Mario Andretti, once said, “If everything appears under control, you’re not driving fast enough.” The speed is what matters in a world that is changing quickly. In the business and sales world, everything should move quickly but precisely.

Since our student days, we have all witnessed the track relay event. The participants would be aware of the thrill and excitement. When the athletes pass the batons, the spectators cheer enthusiastically. In actuality, the race’s trackside action is more thrilling than the finish line.

Despite extensive preparation, athletes occasionally lose the baton or fumble during passing the baton, leading to a loss of the race. The USA 400m relay team had the greatest runners during the 2008 Olympics, but they lost the finals because the baton was dropped at a crucial time.

The dangers of a botched transfer are not exclusive to athletics; they frequently occur in the business world as well. There will be several slips when passing the sales baton in sales. In the world of athletics, if it occurs, you lose the race, and in business, if it occurs, you lose the sale.

Such errors can be made by even the most seasoned and well-trained sales personnel. Such disagreements are likely to arise between customers and salespeople, during the handover of marketing and sales, during the handover of sales and operations, from one stage of the sales process to the next, or even between members of the selling team. All of these situations can irritate the prospect and cost the company the sale.

We’ll start by talking about the potential ways that the sales baton may fall since doing so will enable us to examine and prevent it in the future.