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The Best Ways to Spot Upselling Opportunities

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It’s one thing to know how to upsell, but how do you know when to do it? Opportunities for upselling appear at various points in the client lifecycle.

  • Prior to the Sale

Whether a customer visits your business in person or online, the sale (and upselling) starts the instant they do. Hunting has begun. Offer both cheaper and more costly choices in addition to the one the buyer is considering.


You will almost always see an increase in sales with this kind of pricing variation since you are attracting a larger market. They could choose the less costly choice if the product is too pricey. You are giving them the choice of the premium product if the one they previously chose isn’t precisely what they require.


  • Upselling at the Register

You now have a paying client. The greatest moment to upsell is right now. When a consumer has a product in their shopping cart or is on the checkout page, you can upsell or cross-sell similar goods. Inform consumers of additional goods you provide that will complement their existing selections on the checkout page.


Offering a CRM or data scraping tool to someone who is subscribing annually to your email marketing product, for instance, is usually a fair addition.


Additionally, the checkout process is the ideal moment to upsell something that enhances the usefulness of the item they are purchasing. If your small business offers knives, a sharpening would improve the performance of the blades.


  • After-purchase upselling

Once a customer has finished making their purchase, this is an excellent moment to offer extras.