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The following list outlines the five advantages of having data visualization at your fingertips.

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  1. Track and observe KPI’s

Data visualization tools help track progress toward organizational goals by giving sales executives quick insights into the performance of their teams and enabling them to act more quickly and wisely. You may utilize KPIs to find potential business opportunities or areas for development before concentrating on high-value tasks that have the highest ROI.

  1. Imediate response

The human brain interprets visual information much more easily than it does numerical or spoken information. The sales department benefits from increased clarity and transparency brought forth by data visualization, which enables decision-makers to respond quickly and appropriately.

A sales manager may monitor sales activities and interact with other stakeholders in the company’s CRM system if they have access to timely information.

Additionally, it offers additional clarity and insights, enabling sales decision-makers to respond to unforeseen circumstances more quickly. The marketing and sales departments must work well together. This enhances sales procedures and guarantees that information is received on time. They are more effective in cooperating to accomplish a shared objective.

  1. Patterns & Trends

Salespeople must identify patterns or trends in their data that may call for immediate action. The viewer can see and comprehend information more rapidly because to data visualization. A graph or chart, for instance, can show variations in website or blog traffic over time. Data visualization may help a sales analyst swiftly ascertain whether a new blog post or website is being well received by users.

Additionally, sales representatives may actually observe a lot of things using the insights from the analytics. For example, to determine your top 10 clients or to observe the spread of your consumer base. Providing you with a competitive advantage when you cross-sell other goods to these consumers.

  1. Increasing efficiency

Companies that employ data visualization tools have a 28 percent better probability of receiving information on time than those who depend just on reporting and dashboards, according to Aberdeen Group study. With robust data visualization tools, your salespeople may spend less time on time-consuming tasks and more time being productive.

Sales representatives will be more educated and well-trained to sell more and more faster with the insight & data visualization resources.

  1. Use of gaming

It’s a great way to motivate your sales staff to organize fuel-efficient sales competitions using real-time data. In fact, adding gamification to your sales process may significantly increase your bottom line. According to previous research, gamification increases first-year salespeople’s likelihood of hitting their quota by 30%.

Using real-time data, sales managers may organize data-driven contests amongst representatives or teams of salespeople. Real-time data visualization may inspire you to achieve by showing you how the competition is doing right now. Reps who continuously monitor their progress have a higher chance of success.

When creating sales competitions, it is advised to utilize teams. A team competition encourages coworkers to work together and exchange best practices, which benefits everyone.